Stop talking about it and start doing it!

Your mind is a super powerful tool for supporting you in creating what you want in your life. Is your mind working for you, or against you?

Are you making promises to yourself time and time again but aren’t keeping them? Things like wanting to go to the gym, eating healthy, starting a meditation practice, finishing that project you started months ago…

The struggle is real. But you don’t have to stay stuck, there is a science to change! 

During these 4 days, you will learn:

a simple reframe technique to create new neural-pathways that release outdated stories holding you back from having what you want in your life.

a powerful manifesting exercise that brings your future vision into the present moment.

my #1 manifesting hack for breaking down your big goal into a doable action plan.

the connected breath, a very powerful breathing style that releases stuck stagnant energy in your body so that you feel relaxed and energized.

the 2 different approaches to change and how they impact the quality of your life.


It’s funny, not funny, how we’re so good at keeping our word to other people but not ourselves, but the thing is, this has a pretty big consequence!

You may not realize it, but this causes betrayal within you. Every time you say you will do something and you don’t do it, you slowly chip away at your ability to trust yourself, and over time this can add up, leaving you feeling depleted, defeated and not knowing where or how to start. 

So the endless cycle of trying and failing starts. You end up feeling confused and frustrated and not knowing why. After all, you’re following all the latest self-help techniques, so why isn’t it working?!


That was me! I had lost trust in myself and in my ability to make even simple decisions. The way I thought I had to change felt overwhelming and wasn’t working! 

Until I created a new approach that literally changed my life which is why I can’t wait to share with you in this 4 Day Self Mastery Training.


There is a different way. There is a science to change.

Learn it now!

setting yourself up for failure.
letting your excuses derail you from your commitment.
not being able to start or follow through.
letting your vision down.

The time is now!

Mastering your mind is an art form that takes training, consistency, discipline and commitment. 


Creating a life-enhancing relationship with your mind allows you to easily move through transitions to arrive at your desired new way of behaving and being.

By learning to reprogram your mind for success, imagine your desired future and take aligned action, you can influence the quality of your life journey and the results you get.




In this 4 day training you will learn The Science of Change™, a process to navigate your mind so that you are creating your life from design not from your default programming. Once you learn it, you can apply it to reaching your potential in finances, relationships, health – anything! 



Your vision is counting you.

Mind Mastery Coach & Breathwork Practitioner

Lisa Meta is the Founder of Metamorfize, headquartered in New York City – but operating globally. Through her own journey to heal obsessive thinking and master her mind she created The Science of Change™, a process for people who feel stuck and want to break through negative thinking into positive action to reach their potential. 

Lisa’s signature combination of mental reprogramming, breathwork and movement powerfully uncovers and releases old patterns at the cellular level to align body and mind for achieving next level growth. 

You can experience her work through her Breakthrough Breath workshops, R.I.S.E. group program, Next Level Manifesting global retreats, and her bestselling 30 Days to Change program.

Her background as a star athlete, award-winning graphic designer, life/business coach and certified Biodynamic Breathwork Practitioner make working with her an exploration of who you’ve been and a creation of who you are becoming. 


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